Our Little Band Family 

It’s been a concerningly quiet fall for HPH. As much of the world continues to hunker down, we’re in a holding pattern, waiting for a signal that it’s okay to resume our humble sonic quest and hoping that we won’t be met with a music scene in crumbling ruin. People are still stuck home for the most part, but surveys are showing that you’re tired of live-streamed concerts. The release party date for our first full-length project hovers in limbo, and we are left wondering what the best next move is for an original rock band approaching its 4th year, but has yet to break… 

Winter has always been tough for me- especially when it starts mid-October. I come from a long line of self-medicating ruminators, for whom daylight savings time brings out the darkest sides of ourselves. This year is extra special because there’s a pandemic and an election- both are equally terrifying in my mind. Despite being employed and happily married, with a fully stocked liquor cabinet, I’m feeling the doldrums rolling in with a force more crushing than ever before. My escape used to be a walk in the woods with a lyric book or a little weekend getaway to recharge the creative battery, but now, to venture outside of my little bubble is to witness polarization and hypocrisy on a grand scale. Here in the Divided States of America, many of us unfortunately appear to hate our neighbors and fear anything but cookie cutter reflections of ourselves. In a time where we should be coming together and elevating our fellow earth dwellers, what I’m seeing is a sea of floundering souls drowning in societal digression. 

Fortunately, my bandmates and I have been finding more strength and camaraderie recently, than the day we played our first show together. Despite the current modeling of those featured in the media, we’re being vulnerable with one another in a time when vulnerability is seen as weakness to many. We’re highlighting each other’s strengths and addressing flaws with compassion rather than belittlement. I was raised to be a “sweep it under the rug” hard ass from the north country, but I’m learning that honesty and kindness really do yield amazing results! Hot Pink Hangover is about to embark on the biggest push of our career thus far and we’re doing it with a newfound enthusiasm and belief in our product. Get ready for some new stuff soon! With all the negativity in nearly every headline, we are going to push forward, keep creating, and keep being fun… because you deserve it. That’s why you decided to tune in to this pretty little shit show in the first place.