#10 What happens in Vegas...

It’s taken me a few days to sober up enough to write this blog, so please forgive its tardiness. 

We landed in Las Vegas after several hours of in-flight adult beverages, our faces sore from laughter. Attempting to collect ourselves and our luggage, we didn’t even notice the dapper gentleman in a suit and tie, standing at attention, waiting to greet us.  He had an iPad pressed to his chest, displaying the words, “Hot Pink Hangover.”  He warmly welcomed us to Vegas, led our motley crew to a silver, Cadillac stretch limo and popped a bottle of bubbly.  Never has a band of misfits traveled in such style- drinking champagne, listening to the new unreleased Hot Pink Hangover EP, and gazing out the windows as we flew past The Strip and into Downtown Las Vegas. It was a long weekend of rooftop pools, speakeasy drinks and a few meals thrown in mostly for their sobering effects!  We had 3 of the 4 band-mates, a couple of friends/fans and endless opportunities to binge out on any number of temptations. I won’t divulge too much in order to protect those in my party, and besides that, you know the old saying, “What happens in Vegas…” 

I always thought Las Vegas was one of those places where (because they sucker you into their stately casinos to toss all of your hard earned dollars at the roulette gods) everything else would be cheap… how wrong I was. The only thing that appeared to be cheap was the general clientele roaming the streets and establishments of old downtown. Over-consumption, waste, frivolity, and loss of dignity run rampant down every boulevard. But this was home for the next 3 nights, so we settled in and played along. Plus it’s kind of refreshing to visit a place where judgement is nonexistent and all inhibitions are tossed haphazardly into the dry, stagnant breeze!   

I wish I could say that I remember all the details of the trip… I do remember chasing some tasty apple gummies with a potent Old Fashioned and feeling really funny afterwards. I remember hearing 4 different cover bands play the same Tom Petty song, and I remember getting verbally assaulted by a linguistically creative homeless woman while walking down a side street we probably should have avoided. But the trip brought my band mates and I even closer. Sharing a hotel room will do that! We got comfortable passing gas in front of one another, we bore witness to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation that tequila can bring out in some of us. And we stumbled down the strip, drinks in hand, laughing and sweating with the cast of characters that this desert oasis attracts. 

Now that we’re back to reality, it’s time to put things into high gear and prepare for the June 8th CD release party.  If there’s one Hot Pink Hangover show that you really should try to make it out for this year, this is the one! We’ve been working hard for over a year on the product, the performance and the experience so we really hope to see you there! There may even be a Vegas inspired song or two…  


  • Jamie Lallak
    Jamie Lallak
    You definitely need to plan a trip like this again, just more adorable, for your fans! How cool would that be?

    You definitely need to plan a trip like this again, just more adorable, for your fans! How cool would that be?

  • Hot Pink Hangover
    Hot Pink Hangover
    Definitely! We need some more Hottie Hangs! -Mercy D.

    Definitely! We need some more Hottie Hangs!
    -Mercy D.

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