#1 For the Love of God, STOP SNOWING!

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I have a skylight in my bathroom. I was peeing this morning and I heard the slaps against the glass above, mocking me...   It was more fucking snow.   

Feb 2019 has set the record for the snowiest month in the Twin Cities, if not the entire state.  My response to this horrifying accolade has been to ingest a cocktail of supposed anti-depression vitamins... yes, vitamins- because I’m too lazy to find a shrink in my network and I’m too cheap to pay the deductible anyway.  So, every morning begins with St Johns Wort, Vitamin D, Valium… (okay that’s not exactly a vitamin, but it sure takes the edge off) and coffee washed down in the darkness with disappointment & regret that I’m still here (in this state… not here in general.) 

Between Sarge's broken bones from slipping on the ice to having to find street parking amidst the constant snow removal parking policies in between polar vortices, it has been difficult to remember the patio days of yore. I don’t remember what a nice Hefeweizen guzzled in the sun even feels like anymore.  February is the shortest month, yet this has felt like an eternal sentence in Nibelheim. 

One would think that songs would be pouring out of me — what with my disenchanted and melancholy view on life at present — but alas… dry as my sense of humor.  My bandmates have been very supportive and kind to me despite my constant state of disgruntlement but I think a move is going to be necessary to cope.  Nashville is sounding pretty tempting these days.  I would be an old dog in a pool of cute little crooning puppies, but at least I could dig a big hole with my snow shovel and pile in my coat, my boots, and my Valium.