#48 One Year

One year ago I had this hair-brained idea to document some of the dysfunction that goes on inside my head- partly to exorcise the demons in my amygdala and partly to see if some of my interpretations of life's nuances were shared by others. So I started writing down my thoughts & little personal anecdotes, and I published them here. I had zero expectations. Even if nobody read what I was blathering about, I took it as a personal challenge to stick to something- which has not been a forte of mine. I've always loved to write, but the idea that anyone (other than my mom) would ever care enough about my ramblings to pause the regularly scheduled doings of their own lives to read about mine was something I just didn't expect. Granted, I'm not making any monstrous waves in the blogosphere, and I'm certainly not getting rich over here at my keyboard, but I feel a sense of accomplishment... and I do have a few devoted readers. I've checked the metrics! I somehow managed to keep the promise I made to myself 365 days ago and have written a blog every week for the last year. (This counts as one, yes.)

Real talk though, I'm running out of things to say! So, I'm reaching out for your help. I know that some of my readers are also phenomenal writers and I'd love for you to consider being contributors to my callous but comical little column. I'd love to hear what you have to say! Tell me about a trip from hell that you took, or a personal battle that you overcame or are still fighting. Tell me about your favorite concert or an old family recipe. If you've read this blog at any point, you kind of get the crass and unbridled style... Today, I am excitedly opening the floor to you and your written creations! If you're interested in submitting a short piece with the intention of it being published right here, please submit here.

Thanks again for your participation in helping the #DangerDiaries reach her 1st birthday! I am appreciative, humbled, & astonished that so many of you visit our website every week to read what I have to say...now it's your turn.  XOXO