#5 Mercy's Revenge

I desperately need to vent about this band.  

None of you know this, but a very important detail has been missing from nearly all of our music videos & promo photos. I think it’s necessary to let you in on…

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#4 Shuttered Windows and Drunken Apologies

Why are so many live music venues closing their doors? 
1) Because the miserable weather turned us all into hermits, and 2) Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, yo…


I’m watching “Breaking Bad” in its entirety for the second time because it…

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#3 Mercy Danger Begins

(Sasha Mercedes - Angsty Folk Gal)

It’s easy to plant a seed. It’s the roots that require patience.  

In 2008 I ran away from everything to have a whirlwind romance with a dark and brooding Macedonian singer/songwriter…

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#2 Tickled Pink With Gratitude

I drive the Crosstown, connecting the east and west metro of the Twin Cities twice a day during rush hour. Something about that stretch of highway seems to bring out the inner prick in all of us. I expect to…

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#1 For the Love of God, STOP SNOWING!

(click the pic to buy one of these rad beanies)

I have a skylight in my bathroom. I was peeing this morning and I heard the slaps against the glass above, mocking me...   It was more fucking snow.   

Feb 2019…

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